Mom tracks down everyone who helped save her baby’s life 10 years ago

In 2004, Kellie Haddock, her husband, and her 14-week-old son, Eli, were involved in a horrific car accident.

Unfortunately, her husband was killed instantly, and her little boy was rushed to the hospital, not knowing if he will survive. She remembers now, how doctors told her that even though Eli would make it, he wouldn’t have “much of a life”, as he would probably won’t be able to walk, talk, or show emotions.

At that point, her world “crashed down” around her, but there was still hope, as the medical team at Orlando’s Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children never gave up on Eli.

10 years later, she gives her best to try and find all the medical staff that together saved her baby’s life, organizing and documenting a beautiful project as she does so, capturing the emotional reactions of everybody involved.

Now Eli is a grown little man, and he’s enjoying life at the fullest thanks to these beautiful people who do their jobs day in and day out in order to get people back home to their loved ones, without expecting something in return.

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