This is how Instagram would look like if it ran on Windows 95

What if, instead of being an iPhone app, the media giant, Instagram, would have ended up a Windows 95 .exe program?

Not a lot of people put that much thought into that, except for one Russian designer, named Misha Petrick, who actually had taken some serious time thinking about how it would look like.

And honestly, we’re more than impressed with how this crazy idea was transformed from just a curiosity, into a glimpse of how Instagram would look like back in the 90’s.

Petrick created these brilliant mockup animations that show how the current app would look like if it ran on Microsoft’s veteran operating system.

This is how the animated logo would look like:

Instagram on Windows 95

Selecting a photo filter for your post:

Instagram on Windows 95

Scrolling trough a stream of photos:

Instagram on Windows 95

Getting notifications about new likes and comments:

Instagram on Windows 95

And finally, here’s the Instagram.exe in action:

[h/t designboom]

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