Epic father-daughter wedding dance mashup blows everyone away

And the best dad of the year award goes to...

Weddings are always a beautiful thing, and everybody is expecting an emotional moment between the bride and her father, but in some cases, things take an unexpected turn.

And in this case, Utah bride Mikayla Phillips and her dad, Nathan Ellison, decided to take everyone by surprise and take the traditional dance to a whole new level.

Epic father-daughter wedding dance mashup

Cody and Mikayla Phillips © K Ell Photography

Now you might think they just put a funny little show for the guests, but you couldn’t be more wrong, because what they managed to pull off, is a truly epic dance mashup of not more than 10 different songs, which they absolutely rocked.

Even though the dance started quite traditionally with “Butterfly Kisses”, the moment her father threw on some shades, it was clear for everyone that things are about to get lit.

And while Phillips is a trained dancer, her dad works in sales and technology, so he’s the last guy in the world you would expect to bust some moves on famous songs like “Can’t Touch This” from M.C. Hammer, or  LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”, but he managed to blow everyone away.

The most interesting thing about all this? They practiced the whole routine a few times every day of the week prior to the wedding.  “I think since we’d talked about it for years that it was pretty easy for it to come together.”, Phillips told ABC News.

Video: Destination Wedding Videographer [h/t: ABC News]

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